We’ve put together a toolkit of practical resources that can be used to help you Count, Walk, Ask and Love.
View all the “Symptom Centers” (e.g. strip clubs, rehab centers, etc.) within a 20-mile radius of your location to gauge the needs in your community.
5 simple ways to pray with your team for your walking experience.
Sample questions to get you started.
Fill out this worksheet to identify the influencers, gatekeepers and stakeholders in your area.
Learn 7 important steps to start a dialogue with your area’s community leaders.
A practical example of how a church can track and report its service to the community.
Create a blueprint for your outreach, including the big picture, the impact and the details to make it happen. 25 Outreach Ministry PlansBlueprint Sample
Plan a community event using this detailed planning, execution and follow up guide.
Launch successful volunteer-led ministries with this 5-step process.
View this message series to hear Miles McPherson speak on how your story can be used to impact others and bring them to Christ.
Share these personal testimonies via video to allow others to view and have an opportunity to get saved.
Get equipped to share your testimony with someone in just 3 steps.
A simple evangelism tool with an innovative follow-up via mobile texting.
Discover your spiritual gifts by taking the spiritual gifts test.
Access a detailed event manual for a Christmas Outreach Event with free toys, clothes, food, groceries, books, activities, entertainment and more