A revolutionary 4-step approach to reach your community.
Count Walk Ask Love
Big Idea
Before you do something about a need, you need to learn more about it. COUNT is about taking a numerical assessment of a need. Regardless of the size of your project, numbers will provide eye-opening insight. In Luke 17:11-19, Jesus counted exactly how many lepers he healed (10) and how many came back to thank him (1). The key to understanding this story is in the numbers. Whether you are counting needs in your neighborhood or looking at city-wide statistics, God will use this step to help you see the need from His perspective.
Next Steps
  1. Gather numerical information about the need
  2. Discuss and summarize with your team
  3. Pray about what God wants you to focus on
  4. Identify places where you will WALK
Count Resources
EXAMPLE | Toys for Joy
How we counted
  • We found out that 1 in 5 children in our county live in poverty.
  • We looked at neighborhoods and schools with a high percentage of kids receiving free lunches.
  • We chose to focus on families dependent on schools for food and provide food, clothes and toys as well as give them a special Christmas experience.
EXAMPLE | Home Makeover: Blackman Family
How we asked
  • We identified homes in our community in need of a makeover.
  • We came across a family who lived in a house once used for gang violence and drug activity.
Big Idea
Jesus ministered to people right where they were. He did not sit in a temple all day, but actually walked to the demon possessed in tombs (Mark 5:1-20), healed people in the streets (Luke 8:43-48) and visited homes (Luke 19:1-10). The next step is to WALK to where the need is. It is a flesh and bone endeavor that requires our physical presence. Go with an expectation that God will direct your steps and show you what He wants you to see.
Next Steps
  1. Visit places where the need is present
  2. Bring a friend or go as a team
  3. Record and discuss what you learned
  4. Identify key people to ASK
Walk Resources
EXAMPLE | Toys for Joy
How we walked
  • We walked through the community surrounding schools in the Lincoln Heights area identified on the free lunch list.
  • We walked the school property to assessed that we could accommodate over 10,000 guests.
EXAMPLE | Home Makeover: Blackman Family
How we asked
  • We walked the neighborhood and assessed the house.
  • We reached out to the local church to get them involved.
Big Idea
In Mark 10:51, Jesus asked a blind man a simple question, “What do you want me to do for you?” As you WALK, you will encounter people in need. ASK them how you can help and listen to their heart to gain insight on how to best serve them. You will also encounter other leaders already trying to address this need. You can learn from them, partner with them or even serve them.
Next Steps
  1. Ask those in need how you can help them
  2. Ask key leaders already addressing the need how you can help
  3. Ask God for supernatural guidance and insight
  4. Decide how to best LOVE those in need
Ask Resources
EXAMPLE | Toys for Joy
How we asked
  • We asked the school officials and community leaders about best ways to serve families at Christmas.
  • We asked local business partners and organizations to provide monetary and in-kind donations.
  • We invited our own congregation to serve and other churches to partner with us.
EXAMPLE | Home Makeover: Blackman Family
How we asked
  • We asked the Blackman family about their story and their needs.
  • We asked experts to help assess cost and improvements to make.
Big Idea
Matthew 22:37-40 tells us that LOVE is the greatest commandment. Gather the insights and data you accumulated by COUNTING, WALKING and ASKING and develop a strategy to bring God’s LOVE to those you encountered. Go beyond what is expected. Love others in the same extravagant way God has loved you. Do something to serve those in need and He will give you opportunities to share how His love changed your story.
Next Steps
  1. Develop a plan
  2. Do something to serve those in need
  3. Share your story with them
  4. Share what God did to inspire others
Serve Resources
Share Resources
EXAMPLE | Toys for Joy
How we loved
  • We gathered 1,762 volunteers.
  • We served over 7,800 guests.
  • We gave away over 198,000 articles of clothing.
  • We gave away 10,688 toys.
  • We provided over 9,800 bags of groceries.
  • Watch the whole story here.
EXAMPLE | Home Makeover: Blackman Family
How we asked
  • We gathered over 35 volunteers.
  • We replaced all windows.
  • We painted interior walls and the exterior of the house.
  • We redecorated and furnished the home.
  • We landscaped exterior.
  • We celebrated the makeover with the family.
  • Watch the whole story here.